I’m Right, You’re Wrong, but I’m Too Exhausted to Argue with You

I’ve made a couple statuses like this in the past year: 



Talk about a broken record, amiright? 

In the last few months, I’d start typing out a status to give my take on a hot button issue and immediately I feel my energy being zapped. You know how in The Prisoner of Azkaban the dementors be like, sucking the joy out of everyone? That’s how I be feeling. 

So, I’ve gotten to the point where on the social media I post a lil article or whatever, maybe a fly Boomerang, and then I dip. I’ve gotten to the point where I avoid people that will say dumb things online and in person. Because, honestly, I’m always right, yet so many people are still dummies. There are probably nicer ways to put it, but I’m too tired.  My moral high ground has gotten me nowhere  but closer to death. Morbid but, am I wrong? Humankind is highkey exhausting. I’m drained reading people’s idiocy masquerading as a legitimate point: saying people are “sleep” to real facts, or something about “vibrations" or whatnot, or saying that, “most people won’t get this” before sharing nonsense, or concealing their actual wrong opinions in devil's advocacy. 

My heart cannot take: 

-The “ we got to see both sides” rape apologists

-Oxymoronic “Christian” Trump supporters.  Emphasis on the moronic you feel me?

-Antivaxxers (sorry but if I ever have kids I’m avoiding you like the plague (haha get it?) but seriously if your child gives my child got-dang polio or whatever, so help me...)

-The Hey we have a lot of mass shootings going down, but let’s not do anything about the shitton of guns, or like, regulate anything anymore. Actually, how about we arm more people? Yup, that’s what we’ll do, cause that makes sense folk.


-And the battles I been fighting for-ev-er  like, people who don’t think colorism is real and has real life social and mental ramifications. 

-And OMG, did you know there are people who still think reverse racism is a thing? Like, come the eff on! How can people be that dim? 


I swear, middle school Jess was able to break down the fallacy in most of the above issues with ease, and people would still look at me like EYE was the one with the issue, angry for no reason and whatnot, crazy even! HA! 

Note well, I’m a Black Woman.  We are already tasked with being society’s mule. I’m not about to take away my lil bit of peace by attempting to teach, and in return, ending up with some bum gaslighting me. 

Not. On. My. Watch. 

Yes, I have notes upon notes in my phone of carefully crafted, articulately worded rebuttals to people’s absurd claims.  Each of my points can be supported with real life evidence, peer reviewed journals, or plain old common sense, but I will never use them, because what a waste of my time, of my youth, my energy! 

And let’s be real, where will my righteous indignation get me? No-effing-where.  Where has it gotten me thus far? No-effing-where. I’ll die 100% correct, making 100% more sense than someone, but grasping my heart, telling Elizabeth I’m coming home, because people’s dumb selves be stressful. I don’t know how people are constantly in the public dealing with all the dumbness. Lawdhamercy. That could not be me. I’m so close to being a wine guzzling hermit.

Sometimes I be like, "hey me, it's about time for one of your snarky statuses, hot messiness is afoot!" But I step back- do one of those “That’s So Raven” looks off into the distance, and I foresee the comments upon comments of utter idiocy, and I delete delete delete. So no, I have not stopped caring about XYZ issue, and yeah, I see you out there, posting your bullshit, but imma just chill, 'cause being right all the time is exhausting AF.