so, i wrote a thing (poem)

I type the caption to my piece with a smidge of hedging in case everyone fucking hates it.

The rest comes from the residual shame of the previous captions I dared to type before a frenzied delete.

How dare I?

I mean, don’t we all feign surprise when someone kindly calls us beautiful?

“Like, omg, you really think so?”

And how can my response to “you’re so smart,” be anything other than a hand over heart

and, “really? That’s so nice of you to say!”

Me- a woman- freely expressing my virtues?

The discomfort- nay- the horror I would have caused by putting my confidence all out there,

all boldly and whatnot.

My bad.

So I press enter, and reduce my brilliance to - a thing.


I was so close to being a bitch.